Aldobrandini Madonna

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

The_Aldobrandini_MadonnaThis painting, Aldobrandini Madonna, was made in 1510 by Raphael who was one of the most influential and famous painters of the Italian Renaissance.  Raphael, as well as many other painters, drew the Virgin Mother Mary as a main part of their masterpieces.  Mary was commonly referred to as Madonna, and was often accompanied by two others in multiple Raphael paintings.  Those two were children and they portrayed the Christ Child (Jesus of Nazareth) and John the Baptist.  Both are present in the Aldobrandini Madonna, with John  the Baptist in the fur coat on the right and the Christ Child in the lap of Madonna.  Raphael’s use of lighting, depth and perspective in his masterpieces are utilized to make the figures appear warm and lifelike.  This procedure by Raphael is shown in the Aldobrandini Madonna to concentrate on the Virgin Mother, and the close bond she shares with the Christ Child and John the Baptist.  Raphael pianted most of his works for the church community and this painting was owned by the Aldobrandini family.

In the Aldobrandini Madonna, Raphael is portraying a message based on the formation and placement of the figures in the painting.  The triangle of the Holy Trinity is hidden within the painting, and the heads of the people connect to make the triangle.  The Holy Trinity is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, and explains that there are three divine people in nature.  The Holy Trinity is the basis for Christian belief, and each section of the triangle (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit) play their own role in making one God.  For this particular painting, The Virgin Mother is the Holy Spirit,  the Christ child is the son, and John the Baptist is the father.  John the Baptists plays the father role in the Aldobrandini Madonna because he is handing the carnation of life over to the Christ Child who is holding it in his hand.  Also, the halos and the fact that each figures’ head is pointed towards the sky infers that they are pointing towards heaven.  This coincides with the Holy Trinity because heaven is the final destination in the Christian faith and is where the Father (God) is present.  In conclusion, Raphael portrays the message of life and the meaning of God within the painting Aldobrandini Madonna.


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