The Creation of Adam

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized


This painting, titled The Creation of Adam, was made around 1511 by Michelangelo.  Michelangelo was one of the most gifted painters of the Italian Renaissance, and was also well known for his sculptures and architectures.  In this painting, Michelangelo depicts a scenery of when God created the first life on earth.  As you already know from Bible stories, Adam and Eve were the first humans to live on earth, and Michelangelo displays the scene of when Adam was created by God.  This painting was part of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel artwork in St Peter’s Basilica, and is the most famous painting from it.  The Creation of Adam is traditionally thought to illustrate the creation of man from The Book of Genesis when God breathes life into Adam.  This painting is one of the most iconic images of humanity, and hails a deeper secret within, that accredits Michelangelo as one of the most intellectual artists of all time.

Michelangelo displays the creation of man within this painting, but also portrays beliefs of the Christian Faith.  As each point out to each other,  their fingers are not touching which, symbolizes that Adam is receiving life from God.  In addition,  the similarity in each of God’s and Adam’s outstretched arms is a reminder that man is created from the likeness of God.  Above all, Michelangelo portrays the creation of man through a hidden image in the surroundings of God.  God,as well as the angels surrounding him, make up an image that is anatomically similar to the human brain.  Michelangelo is attempting to convey that God is giving man every quality, including thinking, thought, and emotions.  In the corner of the hidden brain image surrounding God, there is a sad angel present.  The placement of this angel is anatomically correct to the area of the human brain that is activated when someone experiences a sad thought.  Also, the scenery around God depicts the birth of a child, which includes the uterus and umbilical cord.  The red cloth is the uterus and the green string below is the umbilical cord.  This relates to the creation of man because God wants Adam to see the physical birth of man in retrospect to Adam, not having been born by a woman.  Michelangelo incredibly symbolizes the human brain long before this human organ was anatomically documented by medical science, and this baffles historians and physicians to this day.


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