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Built from 1501-1504, David is regarded as one of the most famous sculptures of the Italian Renaissance.  Michelangelo constructed this masterpiece which is still an iconic image in the art world today.  This statue represents the biblical hero David, who defeated Goliath in the ultimate underdog battle.  The Battle of David and Goliath was a biblical story that consisted of a David overtaking the mighty Goliath who was a giant warrior.  David had no fear, and his emotions are summarized in his posture and facial expression in the statue.  Michelangelo started to build David when a group of overseers commissioned a project to construct twelve statues from stories in the Old Testament.  One of the biblical stories from the Old Testament was David and Goliath, which was the inspiration for Michelangelo’s David.  The statue weighs six tons, and it took a lot of effort to move David the nine times he was relocated.  The statue currently stands in Florence in the Galleria dell’Accademia, which is where Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous work the Vitruvian Man sits as well.

David represents confidence, strength and determination because of his heroic battle with Goliath.  Michelangelo sculpted David as if he was about to enter battle rather than in his triumphant victory afterwards.  Michelangelo does this because it shows David’s true characteristics that are essential to a true hero which, include; confidence, determination, and fearfulness.  Evidence to support this would be the flexing of the veins, the posture with his weight on one side, and having the face of determination.  Michelangelo thought that a hero should always be ready for battle, and not celebrate after a victory.  This statue epitomizes the hero that would never give up or back down from a challenge.  The nature of the hero that David represents soon came to symbolize the defense of civil liberties in Florence.  Florence was being threatened by large rival states at the time David was being constructed, and the statue idolizes the will to never give up no matter how big the challenge.  Michelangelo portrayed David as a true hero because of his determination through his posture and look throughout the piece.


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